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Welcome to NerdLDN, the on-line community for gamers of all genres in and around the metropolis!

Before you turn away in haste, take a minute to consider why we're Nerds and what makes us proud of the 'tag'. After all, 'Nerd' has normally been a derogatory device, used to put down those who don't conform to the 'norm'.

The clever, the odd, the interesting, those interested in computers, or RPG's, board games, MMORPG's or LARPing - we all fit into one (or more!) of these categories, or else we wouldn't be here at this site. In the past, the so called 'normal' have put us down as 'geeks' and 'nerds' because of the hobbies we follow. Those who lack the cognitive capacity to understand what we do or why. And too long we've let them!

Now we have a place where we can band together, with like minded individuals, to talk about our games. A place where we're not alone and where we don't have to explain ourselves. We can simply be and enjoy our hobbies. We can meet and greet; discuss and disagree; organise and make new friends, but above all we can be 'gamers'.

We can be Nerds and we can be proud! We are Nerds and we are proud!

Posted by Hugh on 07/07/07

The Site

Hello again. As you can no-doubt see, this is a fairly new site, and still under construction, so some of the pages and links won't actually go anywhere for a little while.

Please do bear with us, we want this place to be up and running asap, and we could use your help. If you have any ideas for improvements, sites we should link to, extra categories for the forum or anything like that, do please let us know.

Posted by Matt2 on 06/07/07